10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

The word trend is defined by a general direction of change that is developing and becoming more common. While some trends come and go (we’re talking about you 1990s oversized tub), others simply take classic elements and give them a contemporary update. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom space, consider the following trends you’re sure to see come up in your design process.

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Here are 10 bathroom trends you’ll notice in 2023

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

1. Whatever Floats Your Boat

2023 will offer a more open and airy feel when it comes to bathrooms. Floating shelves take up less space than full cabinets, and they give the bathroom a more open vibe. They will make a small room feel less cramped and you can add them into the nooks in your room. Additionally, floating vanities can make your bathroom feel larger since the flooring can extend to the wall below. A little room under your vanity can provide usable storage, such as a wicker basket.

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

2. Rub a Dub Dub…It’s All About the Tub

Gone are the days of oversized bathtubs surrounded by tile and steps. They take up valuable space in what is often a small room. Freestanding tubs are aesthetically beautiful and complement any style. They are easy to install and can be placed anywhere within your bathroom, always taking your plumbing setup into consideration. A visually pleasing freestanding tub often acts as a focal point in your bathroom.

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

3. High-tech Bathrooms

These days technology is incorporated into almost every aspect of our lives. Our devices tell us the weather, directions, when packages are arriving, not to mention news stories at the tip of our fingers. Homes are also becoming smarter: lights and temperature controlled from your smartphone are common. Smart mirrors offer features such as the ability to display information. Homeowners find that having a smart mirror in their bathroom adds a touch of luxury. Radiant heating is another feature that you can incorporate into your bathroom renovation. When the weather is cold outside, stay warm indoors, even when you step out of the shower.

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

4. In Style Tile

On trend bathroom tiles are oversized, uniquely shaped, mix and matched, textured, and even on floor to ceiling walls. You’ll also see tile accents in niches like the shower. Homeowners are thinking outside the subway tile box and considering all sorts of shapes and sizes. This is a great way to show some personality and have fun with one of the design elements in your room. For tile inspiration, click HERE.

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

5. Showers That Make a Splash

While a freestanding tub is nice, it’s always all about the shower. People want larger showers with multiple shower heads. Dual shower heads provide twice the water flow, offer adjustable settings, and provide high pressure with a wide range of spray settings. Stone showers are becoming more popular as well as wet rooms. Wet rooms are aesthetically pleasing, space saving, offer accessibility, and are easy to clean. So if you’ve been thinking about a tub to shower conversion, you’re on the right track.

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

6. Colorful Cabinetry

Remember white on white on white? Not only are you NOT limited to only whites in your bathroom, pops of color are encouraged in 2023, particularly with your cabinetry. Consider spa-like colors like greens and blues to create interest. Because vanities aren’t typically at eye level, a colorful cabinet won’t overpower the room. Go ahead and be bold!

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

7. Back to Nature

You don’t have to live in the woods in order to incorporate nature into your bathroom design. Wood accents are on trend and bring an element of warmth to your room. Homeowners are opting for darker finishes and earth tones in order to create a space that’s comforting and rejuvenating. Cozy earth shades such as beige, cream, taupe, and terra-cotta are taking the place of default grays and whites.

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

8. Be a Wallflower

Whether you’re a fan or not, wallpaper has made a comeback. This is a great place to add a pop of color and personality. Wallpaper allows intricate designs, can add a layer of depth to the bathroom’s overall aesthetic, and the designs are almost endless. Just be sure to consider the rest of your bathroom in your selection and choose something you’ll love at least for a few years. Do you have visions of hours spent removing wallpaper? Don’t worry. Newer versions are peel and stick with no glue clean up!

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

9. The Right Light

Decorative lighting is on trend this year. Good lighting can transform a bathroom and make a small, cramped space feel open and spacious. And bad bathroom lighting can ruin even a perfectly remodeled space. Your choice isn’t limited to upward or downward facing sconces. Take a look at pendants, ornate ceiling fixtures and even chandeliers. Beautiful bathroom lighting adds to the overall atmosphere and can offer both a stylish and functional element.

10 Bathroom Trends to Notice in 2023

10. Storage Galore

Homeowners are looking for simple and functional. They’re looking for compact storage areas like incorporated hidden cabinets, floating shelves, and niches so that no space goes unutilized. An organized room provides serenity, and since you start your day in the bathroom, this space should reflect that relaxed vibe. Decluttered bathrooms appear larger and more open. All of your bathroom necessities should find a home in your bathroom.

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