Bathroom Organizing

Bathroom Organizing

Why do bathrooms always come with so much – stuff? Ever notice, while you’re checking out design blogs and magazines for inspiration, that the bathrooms they feature look so sleek and uncluttered? We all know that one of the busiest rooms in the house comes with wet towels, dirty laundry, makeup, hair appliances, and a zillion other things that dominate the counter space and spoil that zen mood we’re looking for.

Well, it’s possible to reproduce that magic when you remodel your bathroom. Not with more hampers and storage, not with smaller appliances – with built-in organizing features. It’s actually one of the joys of helping homeowners design their dream bath: Showing them all the clever ideas that cabinet manufacturers offer “behind the door”, so to speak.

Bathroom Organizing

Does the thought of crouching down and searching the dark corners of your cabinets make you cringe? You’re not alone! 

Slide-out trays maximize your space and make it easy to keep things tidy. With an overhead view of contents, you can sort and arrange your cleaning supplies, appliances, and oversized bottles and containers to your heart’s content. 

Trashcans, towels, and more can simply return to their invisible status behind cabinet doors when not in use – slick trick, eh?

Bathroom Organizing

Bathroom hampers full of towels and clothes are a definite threat to your serene oasis! Today’s towels just keep getting bigger and fluffier – and many hampers overflow in a flash. Where do you hide the linen load? 

Tilt-out hampers can be installed behind your new cabinet doors, making this eyesore vanish with a quick tip. Your family might find this new addition so fun, they’ll pick up after themselves!

Bathroom Organizing

Moving on up with your bathroom cabinets maximizes your storage space and can make the room seem taller with vertical lines. Incorporating longer cabinets, adding slim cabinets in smaller spaces, and taking shelves up to the ceiling gives you great options for decluttering your bathroom and finding a spot for every item.

Bathroom Organizing

A little out-of the box thinking can help your getting-ready routine turn into a streamlined wonder. Ideas like slide-out storage for your cosmetics, a medicine cabinet installed on the end of a wall unit, and even a pull-out ledge to prop your tablet on while you try out that YouTube makeup video – brilliant, eh? These are all ideas that may have started out in updated kitchens, but work wonders in your master or guest bathroom

Bathroom Organizing

Don’t forget about built-in storage in your shower, too. By adding a wall-inset or extra towel bars to your shower upgrade, you can always have a way to keep everything off the floor. After choosing a gorgeous new tile color, who wants to hide it? 

Bathroom Organizing

Since there are so many solutions to your bathroom organizing needs, it helps to have a list of your must-haves before you start the renovation process. Keep a notepad around, and jot down your daily frustrations as they come up. 

Does laundry pile up in one area? Are you always losing your favorite makeup brushes in a drawer without partitions? Would you like to buy larger sizes of shampoo and conditioner, but just don’t have room to store them? What would make your life easier? Identify your needs, and your design team can help you solve every issue.

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