If you are looking for a Downers Grove, IL bathroom remodeling company, then you will see that there are multiple options to choose from. How do you decide which company is right for you to hire? It is a big decision to have your bathroom remodeled, and you deserve to have the very best service if you decide to make this investment.

At J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc., we want to be sure that you are completely happy with the quality of service that you receive from our team. We encourage you to do the research, and you will see that we have developed a strong reputation here in Downers Grove, IL and the surrounding areas. Here are a few reasons why our customers have been happy with our service:

Fast, Reliable Bathroom Remodeling Service

There is nothing more frustrating than starting a remodeling or construction project, only to find that it takes weeks or even months before the work is complete. Once the construction is underway, it is important that the crew works quickly in order to minimize the disturbance in your home. The problem is that some construction crews have delays, resulting in a situation where your bathroom is not functioning and you have construction in your house for quite a while.

J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc. is dedicated to offering you a timely and quality bathroom remodeling service. We understand the importance of sticking to the schedule, and we always offer a 7-day timeframe in which the construction will be completed. You don’t need to worry about never-ending construction or additional problems popping up, and we will offer you $2,500 if the schedule is delayed beyond the 7-day timeframe.

We want offer you the most reliable and trustworthy bathroom remodeling services in the Downers Grove area, and we will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the service that you receive.

Bathroom Remodeling to Your Preferences

We understand that each homeowner has unique preferences and needs, which is why we cater the design process according to your specifications. To start the process, one of our team members will come to your home to see the room and measure the dimensions. We will talk with you about your goals for the remodeling project, and then get started on the design work.

Through the design process, you will be able to see the layout of the new bathroom and how the room will be setup. Once we have identified the right layout to match your needs, we will help you pick out the finishing touches to make it the bathroom that you have always dreamed about: tile, trim, paint, flooring, and anything else that will add the perfect touch of elegance to the room.

There are many types of design styles and décor that you can choose from, and we leave the creativity up to you! If you need help making the right choice for your design style, we can assist by showing different options that are available. You can choose from modern, clean designs and classic, elegant designs. We have many brands and products available for you to choose from, including Shiloh, Bertch, and Kohler.

Affordable Bathroom Remodeling for Your Home

Our goal is to provide you with bathroom remodeling that you can afford, and you will see that our prices are very reasonable. Whether you are looking for high-end fixtures or basic, durable options, we can help! Our team has developed relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to offer discount prices. You will be able to save money without sacrificing quality!

Additionally, the craftsmanship of our work is high quality, and you never have to worry about our crew members cutting corners to save time or money. We understand that quality is our highest priority, which is why we will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the service that you receive.

Just because you are remodeling the bathroom doesn’t mean that you need to spend a ton of money! We will talk with you about your budget for the project, and help you find affordable solutions that fit within your financial goals.

Schedule Your Bathroom Remodeling Consultation

Whether you are planning to completely remodel the entire bathroom or you need help with a few simple projects in the bathroom, J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc. is here to help! We are experts in Downers Grove, IL bathroom remodeling, and we also offer other types of remodeling in any room in your home. Remodeling is our specialty and we want to help you give your home a facelift.

We would love to answer your questions and help with anything that you need, and we invite you to contact us to start the conversation. You can reach our office by calling: (630) 904-8500