Celebrate Sunny Days With Succulents

Celebrate Sunny Days With Succulents

We see you, Chicagoland! You’re getting your sunrooms ready for warm weather, you’re spending more time working on your screened porches, and you’re making great use of those new kitchen windows and work areas that we’ve added to your homes. 

Celebrate Sunny Days With Succulents

The wonderful thing about new spaces like a J&J sunroom or room addition is all the new windows – and windowsills. But – they can look a little empty, now that everything is getting so lush outside. We can design the perfect room for your home, but plants aren’t included – just the perfect display spot!

Since you’ve been spending more time at home this spring, catching up with HGTV and saving all those fantastic gardening and home decor ideas to Pinterest, you might be wondering, “What’s up with all the succulents?”

It’s true, there’s a lot of buzz out there about these quirky, personable, and always interesting green plants. We’re here to give you a little bit of inspirational info on why succulents are the best thing to happen to your home’s window sills and containers since Miracle-Gro! 

Celebrate Sunny Days With Succulents

Succulents are low maintenance. The most common cause of problems – too much water! When you’re looking at containers, remember that drainage is key. Make sure you use a potting soil that’s meant for cacti and succulents, or mix your own blend. 

These plants are pretty open with their feelings. Since they store water in their leaves, you’ll know if you’re keeping them too dry: they’ll look shriveled. Too much sun will show up on some types as rough and discolored patches. Just let them tell you what they need.

Celebrate Sunny Days With Succulents

With names of varieties such as “Little Warty”, “Gollum”, and “E.T’s Fingers”, or species names like “Propeller Plant”, “Ox Tongue”, or “String of Dolphins”, you can only imagine all the crazy configurations that succulent plants come in. It’s true – they are weird, wonderful, and full of character. It’s no wonder that plant lovers collect them and find them so appealing.

They’re also perfect for containers. How many fun flower pots have you stashed away over the years? Great news: They’re a good home for your succulent collection! Slow-growing varieties such as Gasterias and Haworthias are perfect for tucking into all sorts of spaces, like teacups or small vintage planters. 

Celebrate Sunny Days With Succulents

One of the best things about these tough little guys is their ability to self-propagate. Every little leaf or stem is capable of taking root and making a new plant, it seems, and that trait lets their owners keep sharing the joy!

You might think that only the classic Hen and Chicks is a master of filling a pot with new baby plants. Keep an eye on your new succulents, and you’ll see lots of opportunities to start sharing your favorites with friends. Some will begin making smaller offsets at their roots, and others will be easy to trim leaves from. Let smaller single leaves rest on a tray of planting medium, and you’ll soon see roots forming. Warning: This may become an addiction as you start trading new plants with friends! 

We hope your summer is filled with green days and flourishing plants! If you’re looking for more sunshine in your life, get in touch with J&J Construction about our sunrooms, screened porches, and 3-season rooms!


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