At J&J Construction we have financing options to fit most budgets. Payments start as low as $250/month for a bathroom and $535/month for kitchens! Fill out the form below to see if you qualify for our financing plans today!

    Why You Should Choose J&J Construction For Your Home Remodeling Project

    We have architects on staff that will show you a 3D, multi-angle model of your 3-season room before we begin your project. You’ll be able to make instantaneous changes to your model, so you have the ability to try out dozens of options to see what you like best.

    Our S.U.C.C.E.S.S. program of checklists and controls guarantees that we leave no stone unturned. Every little detail of your project is reviewed with a fine-tooth comb to ensure a perfect installation. Corner cutting? That’s a fire-able offense at J&J Construction. We’re truly a one-stop-shop for the highest quality, no-fuss, on-time, on-budget 3-season rooms.

    Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation design consultation. We’d be honored to have the chance to earn your business.

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    J&J Construction Showroom Aurora

    Visit Our Showroom

    After listening to feedback from clients during the selection process, we began installing and updating our 1200 sq.ft. showroom upstairs at our office.

    3682 Prairie Lake Ct.
    Aurora, IL

    We are so excited to be able to really showcase what J&J Construction is all about and make selecting your perfect bathroom a STRESS-FREE experience!

    Come take a look and get inspired today.