A "Sweet" Bathroom Renovation in Wheaton

As Dorothy told Aunt Em years ago, “There’s no place like home.” This sentiment is true for many of us, particularly if we’ve lived in a home for many years. And while we feel comfortable in a space we’re familiar with, it’s important to embrace when it’s time for change. It isn’t always easy to admit when it’s time for a renovation, but safety should always take top priority. This lovely couple in Wheaton had a hall bath that worked for them as far as space and layout, but was no longer safe for them. It was becoming difficult to step over the tub to get into the shower, the window was rotted, and mold was beginning to be an issue. Time to call J&J Construction.

We take pride in our quality of work and the relationships we build with clients along the way. This truly was a “sweet” renovation. Not only was this a sweet couple to work with, the homeowner baked homemade sweet treats for our field personnel! Delicious! It brings us such joy to know that sometimes work doesn’t feel like work; it feels like helping out friends and family. We’re confident that this Wheaton couple will enjoy their new bathroom space for years to come.

A "Sweet" Bathroom Renovation in Wheaton

The first step was focusing on the focal point of any bathroom: the vanity. The old vanity did boast double sinks, but was dark and dated with little storage. We replaced it entirely with a more modern dark wood, bright countertop, and a tall cabinet. This tall cabinet serves as a linen closet, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms lacking access to a hall linen closet. This change now offers plenty of storage for the hall bathroom space.

A "Sweet" Bathroom Renovation in Wheaton

Many families outgrow the need for a tub for a variety of reasons. It may take up too much square footage in the bathroom space, children grow up and leave the house, or elderly clients don’t want to step over into a tub any longer. In fact, that can be hazardous to many individuals. That’s why we see time and time again clients requesting a tub to shower conversion. What’s great about a luxury walk-in shower is the opportunity to incorporate features that work for your family.

In this case it was vital to include grab bars to aid with mobility and safety, a handheld shower head for flexibility and ease, and a shower bench if homeowners need to sit and bathe without worrying about balance. Luxury showers may include additional bells and whistles like steam or dual shower heads, but consider what you’ll use every day. Trusted professionals can help you make these types of decisions while keeping you within budget.

A "Sweet" Bathroom Renovation in Wheaton

Take notice of the rain glass shower divider for privacy. This is an elegant touch that not only provides additional privacy but instantly elevates the space. We did replace the original rotted window in the shower. Now homeowners will not have to worry about mold or rot. Their new shower is completely waterproofed thanks to the Schluter Shower System, a complete waterproofing system for tiled showers. This system effectively manages moisture and prevents mold growth. We’ve found this solution dependable and easy to install.

A "Sweet" Bathroom Renovation in Wheaton

We selected an upgraded paint product called Aura Bath & Spa by Benjamin Moore, specifically designed for high-humidity environments like bathrooms. This luxurious matte finish primer + paint provides homeowners with peace of mind of mildew resistance and no color rub-off with washings. It offers extreme coverage so fewer coats are needed, and the rich color stays true over time. Our clients opted for a fun and vibrant ocean blue, but you can select from a wide variety of tones from bright yellows to neutral beiges.

A "Sweet" Bathroom Renovation in Wheaton

This hall bathroom space now not only works for the homeowners from a safety standpoint, it’s a modern upgrade they can be proud to show off to guests. Clean finishes, a luxury shower, and a pop of color gave us all a smile at the end of renovation.

If you’d like more information on our remodeling process, or specifically how to update a bathroom that just doesn’t work for your family any longer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a phone consultation. (No baking required. 😃) To see more customer spotlights, click HERE.

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