The Latest Trends For Organized Kitchens

The Latest Trends For Organized Kitchens

One of the big benefits of remodeling your kitchen: Getting organized! Seriously – when is the last time you heard someone complain about having too much storage? A space that’s customized to your needs can turn your least favorite chores into simple routines, and bring a lot more serenity into your life. 

Let’s look at the most brilliant ideas for regaining counter space, reducing prep time, and turning your kitchen into an organized wonderland. These are the little tricks and clever designs that you’ll want to show off to your friends and family.

Technology Gets Its Own Space

The Latest Trends For Organized Kitchens

Sure, we still love our cookbooks, but these days, you’re just as likely to read your recipe from a tablet or screen as you prepare meals. Add in the way that household members tend to gather in the area, and a whole new range of ideas for kitchen cabinets has followed along.

Instead of battling over the sharing of outlets and counter space, you can simply harness great design! A designated charging drawer is one way to keep everything hidden away and ready when needed. Simply plug in your flashlights, iPads, and other small electronic devices into the power strip at the back. When you are ready to break out your tablet to refer to a recipe, a pull-out shelf keeps it away from the ingredients, but within reading range.

Tall items – Awkward No More!

The Latest Trends For Organized Kitchens

Let’s face it – we all love our Costco finds and supersized bargains. However, finding a convenient spot to store tall, heavy, and awkward items can take the fun out of using that barrel of pretzels! 

A sliding area with compartments keeps items upright, and accessing them is a breeze. No need to wrench a shoulder reaching into the back of the pantry – this solution brings the goods right to your fingertips. Lazy Susans also make the best use of corner space, while allowing you to spin those sodas right to the front!

Likewise, storing wine bottles needs an attractive solution. Assess your inventory in a snap, and always be ready to uncork a nice red with a built-in solution. It will blend seamlessly with your kitchen design and can be located just where it works best.

Stealth Appliances

The Latest Trends For Organized Kitchens

Check out these ninja kitchen appliances! Today’s cabinet designs make it easier than ever to use your kitchen – and then tidy it up at super speeds. Appliance “garages” can keep your daily essentials – hello, coffee! – right where you need them – but hidden away with a click the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, your hardworking, but heavy, blenders, mixers, and food processors are easier to use with swing-away shelves and designated areas. Carefully located wall outlets allow cooks to keep their appliances plugged in and ready for action. 

Sneaky Storage

The Latest Trends For Organized Kitchens

Remodeling your kitchen allows you to maximize your storage in some truly sneaky ways. Custom cabinets can use spaces you’ve never even considered! Even better, they can be practically invisible.

Extra space for spices? A hidden spot for keys and other important items? All easy with these truly innovative solutions. Adding a slide-out shelf that doubles as a decorative column accent is something you may have never imagined, but it’s a bit of functional magic you can include in your kitchen update. 

No More Sinking Feelings

The Latest Trends For Organized Kitchens

Under the sink areas can get out of control quickly. Keeping trash and recycling bins organized and accessible is a common frustration, as well as dealing with occasional spills. How about a safe spot to hide away scouring pads or sink stoppers when they’re not being used? 

May we present some ideas that will take away your sinking feelings about this central kitchen point? Custom-sized sliders for bins keep them secure and easy to reach – and can open up the under-sink area. Meanwhile, trays and washable surfaces keep it clean and sanitary below the sink – and a hinged storage bin is disguised in the cabinet front.

Drawers That Do It All

The Latest Trends For Organized Kitchens

There are almost endless options for drawers when you remodel. We can help you with solutions for everything from knife storage to organizing your extensive silverware collection.

Today’s kitchen cabinet improvements free up shelf and counter space with clever drawer designs, providing room for dishes, pots and pans, and more. One can accommodate oddly-sized items, using extra-deep drawers, and get the most out of every inch of space, with sliding trays. 

If you’re ready to take charge of your kitchen organization, get in touch with our design team here at J&J Construction! We’re available for virtual consultations, while you relax in your own space.  Get in touch to schedule a session with our kitchen specialists to meet with you and go over all the aspects of your project.


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