10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Many of us sit and dream about a more spacious home. You may wish for a larger closet to house your shoe collection, or a chef’s dream kitchen to cook your most delicious meals. But time and again clients come to us with a desire to expand their bathroom space. Although guests may not spend a lot of time here, spacious bathrooms translate to smoother mornings and happier households. There are cases where we can actually enlarge the bathroom space by borrowing square footage from a neighboring room or changing the structure or floorplan of an entire home.

However, sometimes budgetary or physical constraints don’t allow us to actually expand the bathroom space. It’s these times that we rely on our design experts and professional craftsmanship to create a bathroom space that seems bigger. Here are 10 ways that we can make any bathroom seem larger.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Mirrors can dramatically open up a space. The reflection of light makes your room brighter and adds dimension, giving the illusion of a larger space. You can explore a variety of sizes and shapes, but consider a large mirror, which can double the size of your space. Bam! Double your investment.

A mirror can actually give you a dramatic look at a great value. Splurge on a large mirror with a beautiful frame, or go wall-to-wall with a custom-sized piece. The effect can be powerful and create a polished look.This can be especially effective in slim powder rooms with small walls.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Lighting is key. Good lighting is important to make any space look big and open, but in bathrooms, especially ones without much natural light, it’s very important. We know good lighting in a bathroom is key for functionality (shaving, makeup application, etc.), but it can also help to open up a space. Bright, white lights highlight your bathroom design and reflect off tile and mirrors for a spacious feel.

Try having multiple light sources at different locations such as a grid of ceiling lights and sconces or an edge-lighted mirror. This can elevate your space and help it feel contemporary, bright and open.In a small powder room, or where you can’t add new electrical for lights, try changing your ceiling light to one with multiple bulbs so you have light coming from several directions from one fixture.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Choose your vanity wisely. It’s a tricky balance when you’re in a tight space. You require storage but still need space to move around. A floating vanity is one possible solution. It provides room to store essentials, but the space underneath makes the area feel more open, which can make a big difference. Be sure to combine style with functionality and select a vanity with plenty of storage. Many units have hidden storage as well like small pull out drawers or a shelf or two near the sink plumbing. Maximize your space by selecting a vanity that fits your bathroom properly. A powder room? A pedestal vanity is a great option here. Add a basket for guest essentials and you’re all set.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Glass is best. We know that many homeowners are opting for tub to shower conversions. They’re forgoing the oversized tub for sleek and modern showers with all the bells and whistles. Remove the old, grimy shower curtain and replace it with a frameless shower door for the feeling of more square footage. A frameless glass shower door adds visual space, similar to a window, which will immediately make your small bathroom feel more spacious.

If you prefer more privacy, you can use a frosted or tinted glass panel, which will still allow a lot of light to filter through. Frameless showers, which don’t sit on a track and are much easier to maintain, are going to be your go-to choice if maximizing your space is a goal.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Declutter. A neat space without clutter will always appear larger. Make sure your countertops are clean and your walls aren’t covered. A few practical accessories make sense and add a personal touch, but keeping it simple will make your bathroom appear larger, and you’ll have room to breathe.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

For the walls? Light and bright. There’s a reason you see many bathrooms in a white palette. Many bathroom fixtures are already white (toilet, sink, tub, etc.), so by using white elsewhere, you’re reflecting light rather than absorbing it, creating a wide open, bright space. You don’t have to use white for everything if it’s not your preference. You’re trying to create a serene atmosphere in your bathroom, so try incorporating light beiges, grays or blues, and throw in a bit of visual interest in your tile or countertop.

Uniform finishes: Stick to one to two finishes for a seamless space that looks instantly polished. Too many patterns and textures create depth better suited for a larger space such as a first floor study or office.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Utilize niches. When it’s time to renovate a small bathroom, don’t underestimate the power of a great niche. Install a shower niche in order to maximize space. It keeps products handy and is a stylish storage option with endless customization options. You can also add a niche in other areas if the wall allows it. They add visual depth and make the walls look further away than they are.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Create lines. Find the longest wall and emphasize it by adding a thin shelf, a tile accent, a chair rail, or even a simple strip of paint. This can help emphasize the longest line in your room and draw the eye to the widest point. Use towel rods and other sleek accessories rather than heavy shelving.

Use Tile to Your Advantage. Floor-to-ceiling tile is one of the most stylish tricks to make your small bathroom look bigger. Doing so draws your eyes up by elongating an entire wall. You can use this design tip behind your sink, in your shower, or even wall to wall. For tile inspiration, click HERE.

You can visually stretch the width or length of a room by considering the directionality of your tiles. Widen the room by placing tiles horizontally. You’re striving to create a balanced look while giving the appearance of a larger space.

10 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel Bigger

Feel free to browse through our gallery for more inspiration, or check out this customer spotlight, which features cool changes in a small Aurora bathroom, or this Wheaton bathroom transformation, where we created an entirely new vibe for our clients.

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