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Spending time at home can help us gain perspective on what is truly important in our lives – and in our home environment. As we appreciate how important our homes are to us, we also have more time to pinpoint what isn’t making us happy, what doesn’t feel comfortable and safe, and where we can make improvements.

This time also provides a unique opportunity to make the changes that will transform your house into a home that works beautifully with your lifestyle and future plans. Ready to make it happen? We’re ready to help – and we’ve launched a new service!

We care about the health and safety of our customers and our employees – nothing is more important. With that in mind, we are now offering VIRTUAL BATHROOM REMODEL CONSULTATIONS. It’s time! Modern technology allows us to adjust how we do business. Our professional services, combined with our online capabilities and video conferencing, allow you to work with our talented design team one-on-one as you design your dream bathroom. Best of all, it’s done from the comfort of your own home.

Step One: Complete Your Online Questionnaire

To kick off the collaboration, you’ll answer a few important questions and provide some photos and quick measurements – easy to do from your residence! We know you’ve probably been gathering inspiration and photos for a while, so there’s a section where you can send us your ideas for a perfect bathroom. Pinterest images, magazine pages you’ve scanned – we want your input as our design team does their work!

Step Two: Getting to Know You

Once you’ve filled out your questionnaire, you’ll be directed to a link to schedule a 10 to 15-minute phone call where we’ll get to know you, review your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Step Three: Visualization

Via video conferencing, we will share our concepts and 3D designs as you relax at home. With your bathroom nearby, you can easily see how the project will come to life. We can discuss details, review the estimate, and make design changes online together as we create the bathroom of your dreams!

If at any time you’d like to schedule a time to speak to someone rather than completing the form, please click the link to the right to schedule a free phone consultation.