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Updated En Suite Bathroom remodel in Winfield

Updated En Suite Bathroom in Winfield

Updated En Suite Bathroom in Winfield The benefits of renovating your outdated bathroom are endless. Not only will you increase property value, you’re likely to select more energy efficient material  and improve safety features. A bathroom renovation is the perfect time to address any damage or necessary repairs and to consider your family’s needs moving forward. Lifestyles change, and as the years progress our wants and needs for the spaces in our homes change as well.  This en suite bathroom in Winfield went from outworn to modern and functional. Everything was replaced. The oversized tub commonly seen throughout the 1980s […]

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Living in the Lap of Luxury

Living in the Lap of Luxury

Living in the Lap of Luxury Families are constantly looking for ways to improve their quality of life at home. Homeowners renovate kitchens to fit their lifestyle, add accessible bathrooms for aging family members, or renovate outdoor spaces so that more time can be spent enjoying nature. We recently had the neat opportunity to work with a family who wanted to build a custom room addition specifically for a swim spa. Now that is a project we were excited to dive into! If you’re unfamiliar with them, swim spas offer a low maintenance alternative to swimming pools. They offer adjustable water currents for exercise, are economical and relatively

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Hall Bathroom Beauty Project by J&J Construction

Hall Bathroom Beauty

Hall Bathroom Beauty This client spotlight features a hall bathroom remodel sure to impress any visitor. We kept the footprint of the bathroom while updating every facet of the bathroom from lighting to flooring. An updated hall bathroom offers a more welcoming and modern space for guests to enjoy and older kids to visit home and appreciate. If you’re looking for a transformation but don’t mind the layout of your room, consider keeping all plumbing where it is. This will help with lowering the overall cost of renovation, while still giving you that brand new look you crave. Be sure to ask yourself key questions prior to starting, and

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Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal Project by J&J Construction

Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal At J&J Construction we have had the pleasure of helping countless families transform their living spaces into functional and beautiful rooms that work well for them. One of the most highly sought after renovations is the master bathroom. Families are replacing out-of-date bathrooms with more modern ones including luxurious walk-in showers and unique finishes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OCKVavFmGE Take notice that prior to the renovation, this bathroom offered dated track lighting and an open area above the shower and door that actually opened to the master bedroom! This certainly did not provide privacy or function. When a bathroom includes a large soaker tub with

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From Hall Bath to Mini Master by J&J Construction

From Hall Bath to Mini-Master

From Hall Bath to Mini-Master Whether it’s a dream master bathroom renovation fit for the cover of a magazine, a small basement bathroom addition, or something in between, J&J Construction is here to help from inception to completion. The homeowners we work with consistently recommend J&J because our process and quality of design is next to none. Recently a local family approached us with the idea of transforming their hall bathroom into a mini-master retreat. When children are small, a tub is needed for bathing. These bathrooms focus primarily on functionality. As children grow older and eventually leave the nest, possibilities are endless. By replacing their tub with a luxury walk-in

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Custom Screened Porch for Family Living by J&J Construction

Custom Screened Porch for Family Living

Custom Screened Porch for Family Living It’s summertime in the Midwest, which means more time spent in warm weather outdoors. We crave this time of year: barbecues, kids running through sprinklers, and long bike rides. Unfortunately, this beautiful weather isn’t predictable, and certainly doesn’t last throughout the year. We spend many months as families indoors, away from the elements. This is one reason why screened porches and sunrooms are so popular: they offer additional living space for family game nights and entertaining year-round. This lovely young family wanted to create an outdoor living space to encourage more time spent in the fresh air, but

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Hall Bath Beauty in Lisle by J&J Construction

Hall Bath Beauty in Lisle

Hall Bath Beauty in Lisle When clients approach J&J Construction with an idea for a bathroom remodel, we marry their vision with our years of expertise, and the finished product always satisfies. It’s important for us to focus on the space and the way it will be used, style preferences, convenient features, great functionality, plenty of storage, and timeless, gorgeous finishes. We recently had the pleasure of giving this hall bathroom a facelift, and the result is bright, functional, and fresh. While the bathroom’s footprint did not change, we updated everything from the floor up. The family now gets to enjoy significantly more storage and

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Maintenance Free Screened In Porch by J&J Construction

Maintenance Free Screened In Porch

Maintenance Free Screened In Porch A screened in porch offers the best of both worlds: outdoor living with indoor convenience. That’s why many of our clients come to us with the vision of renovating or adding a screened-in porch or three season room/sunroom. They’re multi-purpose: office space, entertainment space, play room, television and bar area-and so much more. A screened-in porch living space allows families to enjoy the fresh air sans bugs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYVCNTC36AY Our homeowners wanted their raised deck to transform to a screened in porch so that they could utilize it more often. The end result was a gorgeous, no-maintenance space complete with glass panels so that they

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Spa-Inspired Bathroom Retreat by J&J Construction

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Retreat

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Retreat The 1990s: Nickelodeon’s prime. Furbies. The rise of Brittany Spears. Friends. Beanie Babies.But along with these fond memories come a few unfortunate trends in home decor and design. For example, the 90s bathroom often included an oversized built-in bathtub, small enclosed shower, dark wood, frosted glass and dim lighting. If you’re still waking up to a 90s bathroom every morning, it might be time to consider a bathroom makeover like this Naperville family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLJ-AtvtDlM At J&J Construction, we are proud of every single project completed, big and small. However, every once in a while we complete a renovation that really

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Primary Bathroom in Glen Ellyn Reimagined by J&J Construction

Primary Bathroom in Glen Ellyn Reimagined

Primary Bathroom in Glen Ellyn Reimagined We’ve seen time and time again that renovating a master bathroom allows homeowners to reimagine their space and update it efficiently and beautifully. When an existing footprint works, but a bathroom is outdated, creating a more modern, smart space is just a phone call away. Recently we had the privilege of working with a family in Glen Ellyn, and we transformed their master bathroom into the sanctuary it deserved to be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAP5_ISOg9U Our dedicated team worked closely with this family to ensure they were happy with all of the included features and material selections. Moreover, we wanted to make

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