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Meet the J&J Construction Team— a dedicated team of engineers, designers, craftsmen, and support staff united to provide you with the Best Remodeling Experience. With over 30 years of experience, our commitment to a quality product with excellent customer service, reliability, and a strong work ethic sets us apart from other remodeling companies. We take an all-in-one approach, handling everything from design work, permits, construction and product installation to any necessary plumbing and electrical work along the way. No matter the specifics of your project, Our Team of remodeling professionals has the expertise necessary to bring your unique vision to life.

JOE, Owner / Founder

Joe, our President, is the mastermind driving the success of J&J Construction. He’s been in the construction industry since ’92, armed with an engineering degree that makes him a force to be reckoned with. His journey in remodeling began when he noticed a common problem—contractors not returning calls or keeping promises. That struck a chord with Joe, thinking about the frustration it caused for people dealing with such situations.

With this insight, Joe decided to do things differently. He founded J&J Construction with a mission to be reliable and dependable. His commitment to providing a better experience for clients sets us apart in the remodeling world.

Joe is all about ‘working smarter, not harder.’ This philosophy isn’t just a slogan—it’s the driving force behind our success. It’s what makes our results not just good but repeatable and consistently successful. This dedication has not only made us stand out among other remodeling companies but has also made us a leader in the local industry.

Beyond construction, Joe’s a family man. He loves spending time with his wife Chrissy, their two kids, and their beloved dog. And when he’s not on a construction site, you’ll likely find him enthusiastically cheering for his son during water polo matches. Joe’s not just a visionary in construction; he’s a well-rounded guy who knows the importance of balance in life.

JOE, Owner / Founder
CHRISSY, Vice President

CHRISSY, Vice President

Chrissy, our Vice President, is the perfect match for Joe’s dynamic leadership at J&J Construction. Their partnership extends beyond business, boasting an impressive 30-plus years of marriage that forms the backbone of an unbeatable team.

As a founding member of J&J, Chrissy has been a crucial force behind our many triumphs. Her influence extends across the company, contributing to the success story we proudly share today. Chrissy brings her unique perspective and expertise, complementing Joe’s vision and adding a touch of finesse to our operations.

Beyond the hustle and bustle of work, Chrissy’s world revolves around her incredible family. Whether it’s celebrating milestones or creating cherished memories, family time holds a special place in her heart. In her downtime, she wears the chef’s hat, delighting in the art of whipping up delicious meals. Her culinary skills are not just a treat for her family but also a testament to her creativity and passion in everything she does.

But that’s not all—Chrissy knows the importance of staying fit and having some fun. She tackles the elliptical with enthusiasm, turning fitness into an enjoyable part of her routine. Chrissy’s commitment to a balanced life is a testament to her personality and the values she brings to the J&J Construction family. In both work and personal pursuits, Chrissy is an integral part of our success story.

ELAINE, Customer Account Manager / Selections Coordinator

Meet Elaine, the powerhouse behind J&J Construction, wielding over a decade of expertise in her role as Customer Account Manager and Selections Coordinator. With a passion for design and the remodeling industry, Elaine becomes your trusted guide through the selection process in our expansive showroom, offering step-by-step assistance to ensure your vision comes to life seamlessly.

Beyond her professional prowess, Elaine shares a fulfilling life with her husband and together they take pride in being parents to three wonderful children. This family dynamic not only adds depth to Elaine’s understanding of the importance of home but also infuses a personal touch into her approach with clients.

Elaine’s love for her alma mater, the University of Illinois, runs deep. You’ll often find her sporting the blue and orange, passionately cheering for the U of I basketball and football teams. Her alma mater isn’t just a memory; it’s a vibrant part of her present, and she carries that enthusiasm into the workplace, fostering a positive and energetic atmosphere.

In her leisure time, Elaine embraces a diverse range of interests. She is an avid reader, constantly exploring new worlds through the pages of a book. Traveling is another passion, allowing her to gather inspiration from different places and cultures. Most importantly, she creates cherished moments with her family, which includes the lovable, furry, four-legged variety. Elaine’s well-rounded personality not only enriches the J&J Construction team but also reflects in the genuine and personalized service she provides to our clients, making the remodeling journey an enjoyable and memorable experience.

ELAINE, Customer Account Manager / Selections Coordinator
TAMMY, Lead Designer

TAMMY, Lead Designer

Say hello to Tammy, the creative expert behind the scenes at J&J Construction. As our Design and Rendering Specialist, she’s the wizard who transforms ideas into stunning drawings and 3D renderings, giving you a sneak peek at your project before it even starts. With over a decade of experience, Tammy’s artistic flair adds a unique and invaluable touch to the J&J experience.

Tammy’s work sets us apart by offering more than just plans and blueprints. She provides a visual roadmap, allowing you to see your dream project come to life in vibrant detail before the first hammer swing. Her commitment to turning visions into visual masterpieces is a source of pride for our team, ensuring that your expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Beyond the design world, Tammy’s life is a canvas filled with diverse strokes. Nestled on acres of land, she lives the dream with her husband, creating a sanctuary where creativity knows no bounds. In this idyllic setting, Tammy shares her space with a delightful array of animals, turning her home into a lively and inspiring haven.

Tammy’s artistic passion extends beyond the drawing board. Outside of crafting visual wonders for our clients, she enjoys the simple joys of life on her homestead. Whether it’s tending to her animals, exploring the natural beauty around her, or immersing herself in creative pursuits, Tammy brings a well-rounded perspective to both her work and her leisure.

In the world of J&J Construction, Tammy is not just a designer; she’s the visionary who transforms dreams into tangible, visual marvels. Her creative touch not only elevates our projects but also ensures that each client experiences the excitement of seeing their ideas take shape right before their eyes.

BRANDI, Office Manager / Production Assistant

Say hello to Brandi, the multitasking maestro who keeps the wheels turning smoothly at J&J Construction. As our operations coordinator, she’s the powerhouse overseeing a multitude of tasks, from managing administrative needs to orchestrating project coordination, handling permits, and leading the charge on marketing efforts and social media.

Brandi is the secret sauce that ensures our operations are not just efficient but seamlessly integrated. Her ability to juggle diverse responsibilities is the backbone of our success, making sure every aspect of the business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Outside the office, Brandi takes on another important role with pride—the title of a sports mom to three energetic children. Whether it’s cheering in hockey rinks or on volleyball courts, she’s the enthusiastic supporter making sure her kids feel the love and encouragement from the sidelines.

But that’s not the only dynamic in Brandi’s life. Alongside her husband, she’s a travel enthusiast, exploring new destinations and creating cherished memories. Whether it’s discovering the vibrant pulse of a city or embracing the tranquility of nature on hikes with her beloved dog, Brandi finds joy in every adventure she embarks on.

Brandi’s dedication to excellence extends beyond the workplace. She brings the same level of commitment to her family life, sporting events, travel escapades, and outdoor adventures. Her dynamic presence not only ensures the smooth functioning of J&J Construction but also adds a vibrant and energetic touch to every facet of her life.

BRANDI, Office Manager / Production Assistant
JOEY, Pre and Post Sales Quality Control Manager

JOEY, Pre and Post Sales Quality Control Manager

Let’s shine the spotlight on everyone’s favorite Joe—Joey, the eldest son of the dynamic duo, Joe and Chrissy. At J&J Construction, Joey takes on the pivotal role of Pre and Post Sales Quality Control Manager, bringing a wealth of construction knowledge garnered from years of hands-on experience assisting on various projects.

Joey is not just a familiar face around the construction site; he’s a valuable asset to the team. His deep understanding of the intricacies of construction, coupled with a keen eye for detail, makes him the go-to person for ensuring the quality of our projects from start to finish. His role involves not only maintaining high standards before a sale but also overseeing post-sales processes to guarantee that our clients receive nothing short of excellence.

Driven by a vision for the future, Joey’s commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. He goes above and beyond to ensure that every job is not just completed but completed with precision, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our valued clients.

Additionally, Joey’s certification as a Color Specialist through the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) underscores his dedication to providing comprehensive support to our clients throughout their remodeling journey. This specialized training equips him with a nuanced understanding of color theory, design principles, and trends specific to kitchen and bath spaces.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Joey’s zest for life takes him on exciting adventures. He finds joy in exploring the world through travel. When he’s not jet-setting, you can catch him attending music and sporting events.

MASON, Carpenter

Meet Mason, our seasoned Carpenter who, despite his youth, boasts considerable experience in the residential construction industry. Despite his age, Mason has a rich background, having dedicated his summers to learning the ropes alongside his grandfather, a skilled carpenter and painter. This hands-on experience has allowed Mason to hone his craft and develop a keen eye for detail.

After several years serving as a carpentry subcontractor with J&J Construction, Mason officially joined our staff, bringing his expertise and passion for craftsmanship to the forefront. As the welcoming face overseeing your project, Mason is the friendly presence you’ll encounter at your home on most days, ensuring that every detail of the construction process is executed with precision and care.

Outside the realm of sawdust and nails, Mason finds comfort in the simple joys of home. In the company of his pet rabbit, he enjoys downtime, whether it’s unwinding with an episode of Judge Judy, hitting the ice for a game of hockey, or passionately cheering for the Bears during football season.

Mason’s ability to strike the right balance between work and leisure is a testament to his well-rounded personality. Whether he’s crafting your dream project or enjoying the comforts of home with his furry friend, Mason brings a sense of dedication and warmth to every aspect of his life, making him not just a skilled Carpenter but also a valued member of the J&J Construction family.

MASON, Carpenter
CAMERON, Site Manager

CAMERON, Site Manager

Meet Cameron, the dedicated overseer of our construction sites and the epitome of order amidst the chaos of remodeling. As our Site Manager, Cameron ensures that our projects operate with efficiency and precision, maintaining impeccable order and cleanliness.

With his keen eye for detail, Cameron orchestrates the seamless coordination of our construction sites. From meticulously organizing materials to supervising the cleanliness of the work environment, Cameron’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of his role.

Beyond work, Cameron embraces adventures and quality family time. Whether exploring the outdoors or enjoying leisurely activities, Cameron’s adventurous spirit fuels his zest for life.


Our Approach

Exceptional Team, Inherent Values

In our role as a Design Build firm, we accompany you through every phase, from initial concept to the final touches of the project. With a dedicated project manager at your service, you’ll have a singular point of contact, ensuring seamless coordination. Our foremost goal is not just the completion of the project, but to ensure you enjoy the experience along the way. Here’s what you can expect:


Discover award-winning quality for Bathroom, Kitchen, and Home Remodeling in the Chicagoland Area with J&J Construction

We take pride in our exceptional work, having received the prestigious Big 50 Customer Service Excellence Award and being recognized as one of the Top 500 Remodelers in the nation by Qualified Remodeler. When you choose J&J Construction, you entrust your unique home improvement project to capable hands.

Curious about the home remodeling process? Explore our informative FAQ list here. Wondering if you are in our service area? If you are in the Chicago Western Suburbs, you are in luck. When you’re prepared for your next remodel, reach out to J&J Construction to discuss how we can transform your dreams into reality!

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