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Custom Room Additions

Welcome to remodeling that’s stress-free, worry-free and regret-free! At J&J Construction, we help you plan, conceptualize, and design your addition, so you get EXACTLY what you want. From small bedrooms to entire second levels, we can provide you with a stunning addition to your home.

We’ve found that many people spend more time planning a one-week vacation than a major home remodel or room addition project. That’s completely understandable – most homeowners don’t really know what they want from their new addition until they hire a contractor.

Planning? Permits? Construction schedule? Don’t worry!

You’ll never wonder what the next steps are when you hire our team. Our experience lets us keep your stress levels to a minimum. We’ll help you plan your project and acquire the proper permits your neighborhood requires. Don’t know precisely what you’re looking for in your addition? We’ll sit down and brainstorm ideas with you. Then, we’ll present you with a 3D design of the project, so you know what the end result will look like BEFORE we begin work. We want to ensure that you get EXACTLY what you want.

From master suites to small bedrooms, from a 10 x 10 home office to an entire second level, we can seamlessly add any addition to your home—while coming in on-time, within budget, and with ZERO stress on your end.

Why You Should Choose J&J Construction For Your Room Addition Project

Matching Materials. The materials we use will blend perfectly with the rest of your home. Our commitment to quality and detail means that your new room addition will look like it’s been there since your home was first built.

Minimal Disruption. Our team exercises great care to minimize the disruption you AND your neighbors usually experience during a remodel. We completely respect your home, as well as your neighbors.

No Yard Damage. We’re conscientious on the job site. That means no heavy equipment in your yard that could destroy or damage it. 

Firm Start and End Dates—In Writing. Our trademarked S.U.C.C.E.S.S. process of checklists and controls allows us to see exactly where we’re at on your project each day – ensuring that we get it done on time. 

Elite Craftsmanship. All our craftsmen are meticulous, exacting perfectionists whose main goal is your “110%, Two-Thumbs-Up” satisfaction. 

A Price You Can Absolutely Afford. Our system of controls and checklists eliminates the wasteful spending and unnecessary labor usually associated with remodeling contractors. That means we give you a project that fits within your budgetwith NO surprises or extra costs.

The end result? You get a STUNNING addition to your home—with NO extra cost, NO drawn-out construction periods, and NO stress. Period.

J&J Construction Showroom Aurora

Visit Our Showroom

After listening to feedback from clients during the selection process, we began installing and updating our 1200 sq.ft. showroom upstairs at our office.

3682 Prairie Lake Ct.
Aurora, IL

We are so excited to be able to really showcase what J&J Construction is all about and make selecting your perfect bathroom a STRESS-FREE experience!

Come take a look and get inspired today.