Are you ready to remodel your bathroom, but you don’t know which company you should hire?

There are many options available and you need to make sure that you do the research to choose the right contractor for your individual needs. At J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc. we offer Elmhurst, IL complete bathroom remodeling for homes and offices, and our services are available to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

These services can be used for basic bathroom remodeling, and we offer packages for master bathrooms as well as smaller bathrooms. Our goal is to help you create the best bathroom in the space that is available, and our expert team will work closely with you to determine the right layout and finishes to meet your individual needs.

Why Choose J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc.

We understand that you can choose from many different contractors in the Elmhurst, IL area, and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality customer service that is available. We never cut corners or provide sub-par service, because we know that quality is the highest priority for the customers that we are working with. If you want a quality bathroom to remodel without breaking your budget, then we invite you to contact us to learn more about the bathroom remodeling packages that we offer.

As you research the contractors that are in the Elmhurst area, you will see that we have developed a strong reputation as a contractor that you can trust. This contractor-customer relationship is very important to us, because your satisfaction is our top priority. You will receive the undivided attention that you deserve in order to create the most effective bathroom remodel for your individual needs.

What Tasks Should Be Done for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Whether you are planning a small remodeling project for your bathroom or you want to completely rebuild the bathroom, J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc. can help! Our experienced team knows the steps that should be followed for both small and big projects, and we will gladly help with anything that you need.

These are some of the common tasks that we often perform for our customers:

  • Shower/tub replacement
  • Tile for the shower, backsplash, and floors
  • Changing plumbing and electrical fixtures
  • Replacing the vanity
  • Building cupboards and storage space
  • Everything else that you need!

The bathroom remodeling project will be completed according to your desires so that we can ensure that you are completely happy with the room when we are finished.

Get Rid of the Old, Replace with the New

One of the advantages to a full bathroom makeover is that you can completely tear out the old bathroom cupboards and materials to make space for brand new construction. There is no reason to be stuck with the old layout, especially if you had something else in mind. Let us know your goals for the bathroom, and we will help you turn those dreams into reality!

At J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc. we like to focus on quality and value, helping you to stretch your dollar to improve the quality of bathroom that is installed. We have developed solid relationships with the companies that supply the materials, and we focus on training and development to make sure that our team is using the highest quality techniques available. Cutting corners isn’t acceptable because we want to be sure that you are satisfied with every aspect of service that you receive from our company.

What to Expect with Your Elmhurst, IL Bathroom Remodel

If you have never gone through the remodeling process, then you might not know what to expect with your upcoming project. This process can be simple if you are working with the right company, and our goal is to make it as fast and painless as possible. It can be an inconvenience to have contractors coming in and out of your home, so we will minimize the amount of time that is required to remodel the bathroom.

During the design process, we will talk with you about the types of materials that should be used and the way you want the finished bathroom to look. Once we have these details in place, we will order the materials and get you on the schedule to have the remodeling done.

The actual construction time is quite fast, and we guarantee that it will be complete in 7 days or less. We are so sure about this completion time, that we will offer you $2,500 if we don’t get the bathroom done by the deadline!

As you can see, you can have your Elmhurst, IL bathroom remodeling project done quickly and easily. We invite you to contact our experienced team at J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc. so that we can help you transform your old bathroom into a nicer space: (630) 904-8500