What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

When it comes to current bathroom trends, homeowners are leaning toward clean lines, smart storage, energy-efficiency, spa-like luxury, and high-tech features. A no-fuss bathroom is one that is functional, beautiful, and easy to keep clean. In recent bathroom renovations we’re seeing an increasing demand for wet room bathrooms. A wet room bathroom is a waterproofed bathroom with a free-standing tub within the walk-in shower area at the same level as the rest of the floor, or it might offer a low-curb entrance. The water drains away through a flush drain within the shower. Typically, you’ll see the area partially or fully glass-enclosed, or you might see a half wall to provide some separation and aid with splashing.

There are many benefits to a wet room bathroom including more open space for natural light to flow, small-space solution, accessibility, easier cleaning and less potential for mold. It’s not only a popular choice, it’s a smart choice that will add value to your home while making any guest who sees your space say, “Wow!”. Wet room bathrooms can be accessed by people of all ages and abilities, perfect for so many homeowners. This design option is a great way to add functionality and style to your home.

Although wet room bathrooms aren’t always designed with accessibility in mind, they are particularly good for individuals with restricted movement. With a no or low-curb entrance, accessing the shower area is much easier for homeowners at all stages of a person’s life. This is truly an ideal bathing solution for the aging population as well as people living with a physical disability.

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

If you’re considering a wet room bathroom, understand this is definitely not the time for DIY. It is imperative you hire a trusted professional due to its complexity. This is a project that requires waterproofing, complete sealing, adequate draining, and superior ventilation. Our experts at J&J use Schulter waterproofing materials so that there is no fear of leaks. While a wet room does come with a slightly higher price tag than a basic bathroom renovation, you will recoup the costs since it increases the value of your home. This is true because you’re adding waterproofing to one of the areas in your home that is susceptible to leaks; therefore, in terms of the overall structure of your property, this is a great choice. A wet room bathroom is highly attractive to potential buyers of all ages.

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

If you think that you need a spacious master bathroom for a wet room, think again. Wet rooms are ideal for bathrooms of all sizes. In fact, a small bathroom might see the most benefit since designers can take a small space and make it feel more open, large, and luxurious. If you don’t particularly need or want a bathtub, install a shower and open up the room. A bulky shower enclosure with doors will intrude upon the little space you have. J&J recently worked with a client who couldn’t decide on a tub or shower for their hall bathroom, so they installed a wet room as their hall bathroom. This was a fantastic option for a family who wanted a stand alone tub, and a shower, but didn’t have a ton of space to utilize.

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

One of the biggest advantages to installing a wet room bathroom is that they are so easy to keep clean. Simply grab your preferred bathroom cleaner and use all around the room to disinfect and keep mold and mildew at bay. There are no cramped enclosures to deal with, and you can wipe down the entire area at the same time. Additionally, since wet rooms must be designed with excellent ventilation, they typically see less mold and mildew growth. Win!

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

There is something simply stunning about a wet room bathroom. It’s like taking a piece of a Caribbean resort with you back home, and you get to enjoy it every day! Wet rooms can look incredibly stylish with elements like statement tiles, architectural details, a pop of color, or vintage flair. Due to the minimalist nature of its design, homeowners can incorporate natural finishes like wood, stone or concrete as well. The design options are endless. Keep in mind however that it’s important to work with a professional when selecting materials.

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

There are special considerations when installing a wet room bathroom. For example, one way to deal with moisture is to move storage and linen cabinets outside of the wet room area of bathroom, or homeowners can opt for water-resistant cabinets. However, if you have ample space, you may be able to store moisture-sensitive items in the bathroom without special cabinets. Even though the floor in a wet room will see plenty of water, underfloor radiant heating kits are still available and a luxurious addition. A practical wet room bathroom lighting design requires lighting that is wet-rated for the space. Again, it’s imperative to consult with a professional.

What is a Wet Room Bathroom?

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