Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

Elevate Your Space: Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

2024 is already underway, and if you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, you might consider what’s trending right now. Not only do you want to stay on top of current trends, but you also want to think years down the line. Trends are constantly evolving, but one truth always remains: homeowners want function and beauty. There are ways to update your kitchen space without a complete remodel, but if you’re in the market for a new kitchen space, take a look at what is catching designers’ eyes now. If you’re not sure where to begin, our experts are here to guide you. Feel free to browse through our kitchen gallery for inspiration, and if you’re considering a remodeling project, J&J Construction can help. If you’d like more information about our process, reach out to us for a free phone consultation. Schedule one with our team today.

To help us discover 2024 kitchen design trends, we reached out to some of our favorite interior designers and pulled data from the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s annual kitchen trend report  (which surveyed a wide range of industry professionals from contractors to architects). Here are the 10 kitchen trends to look out for in 2024.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

1. Specialized Sinks
A kitchen sink is used for washing dishes, but it can be so much more. Considering we spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink, designers are seeking ways to make it more of a workstation. Homeowners crave more space to prepare foods like washing produce, cutting, and chopping. By creating separate stations, there is simply more space to work and less counter mess. Popular features of a workstation sink include built-in cutting boards, strainers, and drying racks. Think about the space even a small drying rack takes up on your counter, not to mention it looks cluttered. Feeling bold? Opt for a unique sink color or ceramic finish.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

2. Pull Out Drawers
A few decades ago cabinets were lifted to the ceiling in order to create more storage. Now many homeowners are incorporating open shelving in place of those bulky cabinets. One fact remains: people want easy storage that will work for them. Lower cabinets are often difficult to organize and we’ve all knelt down to try to pull out something we need in the back only to make a mess. That’s why one trend to keep an eye out for is using pull-out drawers in place of lower cabinets. They are simply more user-friendly. You can slide open a drawer and take out exactly what you need. There seems to be a slight shift in favor of closed storage particularly as homeowners try to declutter countertops and maximize their kitchen space.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

3. Incorporate Color
Off-white. Simply-white. Whisper. Cotton. Alabaster. Whatever name it’s given, we are very much accustomed to the all-white kitchen. There is no doubt that a white kitchen is clean, classic and timeless. However, colors are trending for 2024 as people shy away from the grays and whites and begin to take risks with statement colors using backsplashes, wall paint and wallpaper as their canvas. One popular kitchen color that continuously ends up on top is green. From cabinets to tile, homeowners here in the States are taking inspiration from Europe where shades of green are quite popular for kitchens. A little nervous to go all out? Try a bold color on your center island. This color can contrast surrounding cabinetry and create a true focal point.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

4. Layered Lighting
Lighting is so very important in every single room of the house, but oftentimes kitchen lighting is an after-thought. This is the room where lighting can not only create ambience, it is essential for tasks and safety. In order to achieve a beautiful result, the trend is moving toward layered lighting. Essentially mixing and matching such as bright daylight bulbs for task lighting, pendants over the island and sconces over windows. Additionally, we’re seeing flush mount lighting in place of recessed. Consider lighting cabinet interiors as well. This can be an interesting design element. Homeowners can enhance the functionality of kitchen lighting by utilizing programmable control options.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

5. Incorporate Technology
Speaking of programmable control options, an upward trend in kitchen design is to use technology to make kitchens function smarter for families. Phone and tablet apps allow for individualized settings such as temperature control and delayed start for ovens, lighting presets and motion sensors. What was once considered a privilege for the high-tech elites or superheroes is now commonplace. There is technology available to support precision-cooking, motion-sensored faucets, open door alerts, taps that increase water purity and so much more. If you’re renovating your kitchen space, don’t shy away from the opportunity to use what tech has to offer.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

6. Convenient Refrigerator Drawers
When you think of a refrigerator you might think of the workhorse dated fridge currently sitting in your garage or basement, or a large stainless steel box that you promise you’ll organize soon. However, there can be various focused drawers spaced conveniently throughout your kitchen. Refrigerated doors are trending. They offer a place to keep waters, sodas, or family items at a kid-friendly height. Appliance drawers are easy to integrate into any kitchen design so that they blend in seamlessly.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

7. Hard-Working Islands
Don’t you worry–islands aren’t going anywhere! In fact, homeowners are spending more time at their kitchen islands than they are their kitchen table. It’s a workhorse: extra prep space, serving space, additional seating, and typically where friends and family gather. It’s the focal point of many kitchens, and because we all love a large island, people are seeking ways to utilize it more. Trends include incorporating workstation sinks, adding more storage, or expanding to add additional seating. We’re seeing wrap-around seating instead of in one row and islands are growing larger and larger, in many cases replacing separate kitchen tables.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

8. Beverage Stations
Many designers are mentioning the addition of a beverage station as a top trend for 2024. Keep in mind this beverage station varies from family to family. For some it might be a bar, for others a coffee nook, and for others a kids’ snack and drink area. As people attempt to save money by brewing their own cup of latte or crafting their own cocktail, designers are recognizing this shift in layout. Incorporating some of the other trends like pull-out appliances, small niche refrigerators and smart technology, the sky’s the limit with these beverage centers from water and soda dispensers to under-counter frozen goods storage. Acai smoothie anyone?

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

9. Environmentally Friendly
According to several recent studies, an overwhelming majority of people want to select goods and products that are more environmentally conscious. Sustainability continues to be top-of-mind in 2024 with a focus on quality long-lasting products, allocating kitchen storage for recycling as well as composting. Additionally, homeowners are looking for energy-efficient appliances so that they can do their part to help our environment.

Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

10. Wellness
It’s not just a New Year’s resolution. Homeowners are seeking ways that their kitchen can help in their health and wellness journey. One example is refrigeration space with more storage and  flexibility. Columns, deep drawers, and ample storage allow for more fresh food and produce storage. Additionally, appliances with integrated cooking functions such as air frying and steam cooking are taking center stage as busy family’s want to be able to prepare a fresh, healthy meal quickly.


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