8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

Recently J&J Construction brought you the top kitchen trends to look out for in 2024, but we’re now turning our attention to the second most renovated space in homes: the bathroom. Whether it’s a guest bathroom, master, or basement bathroom, let’s take a look at what’s piquing homeowners’ interest this year and beyond. Before beginning the remodel process, be sure to talk with your contractor openly about your goals. Their design team can help you stay on top of current trends while considering what will work years down the road.

There are ways to update your bathroom space by making simple changes in style, but if you’re in the market for a complete remodel, take a look at what is catching designers’ eyes now. If you’re not sure where to begin, our experts are here to guide you. Feel free to browse through our bathroom gallery for inspiration, and if you’re considering a renovation project, J&J Construction can help. If you’d like more information about our process, reach out to us for a free phone consultation. Schedule one with our team today.

To help us discover 2024 bathroom design trends, we reached out to some of our favorite interior designers and pulled data from the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s annual kitchen trend report  (which surveyed a wide range of industry professionals from contractors to architects). Here are the 8 hottest bathroom trends you’ll notice in 2024.

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

1. Luxurious Showers

Many homeowners are including a tub to shower conversion in their bathroom remodel. If there isn’t enough space for both a luxurious walk-in shower and a stand-alone tub, they’re forgoing the tub and opting for shower only. Keep in mind however that trends include all the bells and whistles when it comes to this shower space. Features like rain showers, steam showers, body sprays, and built-in seating are in demand. Furthermore, designers are seeing an uptick of requests for wet room bathrooms as well as doorless and curbless showers. The transition between the shower and the rest of the space should be seamless. When it comes to showers, there is no such thing as too fancy.

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

2. Heated Floors

Is there anything more luxurious than stepping out of the shower during a Midwest winter and feeling radiant heat below your feet? We know that technology continues to penetrate all aspects of home design, and in addition to smart controls, heated floors are becoming more commonplace. Heated floors not only serve a functional purpose, they also contribute to the overall sanctuary that a bathroom should create. While you’ll end up paying more for these floors upfront, the energy savings, comfort level, and resale value down the line will be worth it.

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

3. Wallpaper

For those of us old enough to remember pastel floral wallpaper in our childhood bathrooms, this trend is a difficult one for some to accept. But wallpaper today isn’t the wallpaper from decades ago. Incorporating wallpaper into a bathroom design allows for statement colors and patterns, giving the space a boost of personality. Simply put? Wallpaper makes a bathroom feel special. And don’t worry too much about the removal process when the time comes: wallpaper today is typically easier to remove than it was years ago because they often have a weaker adhesive. So have some fun with it!

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

4. Quartz

Not only for kitchen countertops, quartz is an ideal material for bathroom vanities as well. After all, it’s non-porous, durable, and easy to care for. In general, light-colored engineered materials are edging out natural materials because they look so much like real stone, and homeowners have no problem finding the perfect color and style to match their desired aesthetic since there’s such a large variety.

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

5. Water Closet

Essentially, a small closed off-room specifically for the toilet, water closets are in high demand. Whether or not homeowners have the space and means to add a door to completely close it off, even a half-wall of separation creates a designated area and privacy. A water closet allows the entire bathroom space to be utilized at the same time. This can be particularly helpful when siblings need to share a bathroom. Speaking of toilets, be on the lookout for more smart toilets that will include features like seat-warming, automatic lids, and self-cleaning options.

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

6. Green

Last month we talked about the psychology behind bathroom color selections, and one hue at the top of that list was green. Homeowners and designers alike are ditching the all-white look in favor of color. Green in particular elicits a warm and cozy ambience while bringing a bit of nature indoors. Green bathrooms are earthy, calming, and suitable for all types of homes.

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

7. Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors as well as mirrors with anti-fog qualities and smart or connected abilities are the future. Bathroom lighting is always important, and a backlit mirror provides excellent task lighting, particularly in a bathroom that lacks natural light. Backlit LED mirrors provide balanced, clear lighting across their surface and indirectly light the person standing in front of it. In other words, no more unflattering shadows or off colors. So when you apply your makeup indoors and head outside, there are no surprises since your backlit mirrors offer an honest representation of color. What a bright idea!

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024

8. Patterned Tiles

Tiles installed in a variety of patterns such as hexagon, chevron, or herringbone are becoming more popular than the slab or pebble and stone look. The shower as well as the rest of the bathroom floor will have intricate tiling with texture such as ceramic and porcelain. Additionally, grout lines will be small or nonexistent so that they’re easier to keep clean. If selecting tile without grout lines, be sure to choose large, porcelain, stoneware tiles that have a unique finish that make the edges perfectly smooth.


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