Joe Censullo - J&J Construction President

"Between My Mechanical Engineering Background And Life-Long Insistence On Treating Customers With Respect, Building One Of The Most Successful Construction Companies In Illinois Was Inevitable"

“I started J&J Construction with the goal of reversing the negative experience so many people have with contractors. When I quit my engineering job and started in the home-improvement industry, I saw that very unprofessional, inadequate “companies” were servicing the remodeling business.”

“Truth be told, they were not actual companies, but small, unlicensed operations run by ex-carpenters who had absolutely no clue as to how to maintain a business. Projects started late and sat for days and weeks with no progress. Then finally, they would rush to finish. Even worse, through the whole ordeal, it was impossible to reach a live person if there was a problem or something needed to be changed. I couldn’t believe that homeowners would spend tens of thousands of dollars with firms that, quite frankly, were not qualified to mow their lawn. I knew something had to change in this industry.”

“Since 1992, J&J Construction has grown from a small one-man firm to one of the area’s largest and best-reviewed remodeling companies. How have we done this? By consistently implementing processes to complete your project on time, on budget, and, most importantly, completed to the level of quality you were promised. We honestly feel (as do the people we do work for) that if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a remodeling project, you should choose a company who can provide not just the construction aspect, but the entire package: design, coordination, management, construction, completion, follow-up, and service.”

“To obtain the results that customers expected, the first place I start is ethics. I insist on treating everyone in my business sphere with respect and dignity. I commit to dealing only with subcontractors and suppliers who could embrace the same high standards as my company. I make sure that the customer’s needs were clearly identified from the outset, and ultimately met. I prepare suppliers, subcontractors, employees, and homeowners for what I expect throughout the remodeling process.”

“How is all this possible? By implementing management controls, the construction process all flows perfectly. This trademarked system is called the S.U.C.C.E.S.S.™ program. S.U.C.C.E.S.S. stands for a “System Using Checklists and Controls to Eliminate Stress & Surprises.” It is a code of work quality and conduct for everyone who works with and for J&J Construction. I demand that people do what they say they’re going to do, such as completing the job in a timely manner, controlling costs, and offering the highest-quality workmanship.”

“It is my belief that taking an ethical approach to remodeling a home will inevitably produce trust, confidence, and satisfaction. It creates something extraordinary, which will leave the homeowner frustration-free throughout the entire process. And that’s a promise.”

Happy Remodeling!


Joseph Censullo
J&J Construction of Illinois, Inc.

J&J Construction Showroom Aurora

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After listening to feedback from clients during the selection process, we began installing and updating our 1200 sq.ft. showroom upstairs at our office.

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