Hall Bathroom Beauty Project by J&J Construction

This client spotlight features a hall bathroom remodel sure to impress any visitor. We kept the footprint of the bathroom while updating every facet of the bathroom from lighting to flooring. An updated hall bathroom offers a more welcoming and modern space for guests to enjoy and older kids to visit home and appreciate. If you’re looking for a transformation but don’t mind the layout of your room, consider keeping all plumbing where it is. This will help with lowering the overall cost of renovation, while still giving you that brand new look you crave. Be sure to ask yourself key questions prior to starting, and always use a trusted professional like J&J Construction.

It is a joy to reveal a new project to our clients. Homeowners often enter a renovation project with some ideas of their own. Ultimately their inspiration coupled with our design experts’ ideas produces a beautiful space that far surpasses their expectations. It is truly remarkable what new cabinetry, floors, shower and bathtub, and a fresh coat of paint can do to a room. It hardly looks the same. From outdated to modern and fabulous, we’re proud to have worked on this hall bathroom beauty.

Hall Bathroom Beauty Project by J&J Construction

One of the first updates you’ll notice is the double sink vanity. From a warm, dated wood tone to light and bright, these cabinets with an upgraded Edgewood door style in birchwood with a white semi-gloss finish are clean and modern.

Notice the countertop prior to renovation was a light teal color. We do love a pop of color, but this set the space back a few decades. Enter a new quartz countertop by Hanstone in Aurora Snow. Stunning. Quartz is currently the king of countertop materials for both kitchens and bathrooms thanks to its durability and resistance to chipping and water damage. Each sink is a Kohler Caxton Oval sink and the faucets are from the Devonshire collection, also by Kohler.

Hall Bathroom Beauty Project by J&J Construction

While luxurious walk-in showers are the renovation go-to in master bathrooms, it’s still appropriate and popular to keep a shower/tub combination in hall bathrooms. For resale, young families will want a bathtub, and that is something to keep in mind. Here we’ve replaced the dingy, dark shower and tub with a stunning new shower complete with a Kohler handheld faucet and contemporary shower curtain rod. No more moldy, metal sliding doors. The 12×24 white matte tile walls offer a uniform, crisp appearance. Homeowners have many choices when it comes to their shower/tub space. Some prefer a wet room bathroom, while others want a deep soak-tub. Many others opt for a larger accessible shower instead. It’s okay to select what works well for your family, and many times, that includes a traditional combination.

Hall Bathroom Beauty Project by J&J Construction

This deep Kohler Sterling Ensemble bathtub has built-in arm rests and a contour back for the ultimate comfortable experience. Both the tub border and vanity wall tile are Anatolia Fusion in Clay. This collection is vibrant and modern, offering many different shades to coordinate with your bathroom color palette. Notice the stainless pentagon corner shelves from Schluter.

Hall Bathroom Beauty Project by J&J Construction

The main floor is tiled with 12×24 matte tiles in Legacy White. These porcelain tiles come in three different trim options and absorb virtually no water. The style is for those who like the look of travertine or limestone, without the price tag associated with those materials. Instead of bush-hammered, homeowners and our designers opted for the more natural matte finish.

When renovating a bathroom, don’t put off selecting the toilet until the end. Sure, it might not be as exciting as tiles, but you and your guests will surely spend a lot of time there, so choose with consideration. This Kohler comfort height highline toilet is one we use in many of our bathroom remodels. While traditional toilets have a height of 15 inches, a comfort height is between 17-19 inches, which not only helps an aging population, but is more comfortable for everyone.

Hall Bathroom Beauty Project by J&J Construction

Final touches for this bathroom project include a 24×36 inch frameless beveled mirror, a 24” three light fixture with a chrome finish, and wall accessories also from the Devonshire collection by Kohler. We’ve selected Stonington Gray (HC-170) by Benjamin Moore for the walls. This gray ties the space together nicely and makes the bathroom seem calming and spa-like. Read more about bathroom colors here.

Winter really is a wonderful time for indoor renovations like hall bathrooms. Is your bathroom due for a refresh? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts for a phone consultation and see how J&J Construction can help transform your space. To see more customer spotlights for inspiration, click HERE.

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