We were working in our own backyard for this remodel! When this client was ready to make a big impact in their small space, J&J was the only company they turned to. There were three important details for us to pay attention to:

  • We needed to work fast as this family didn’t want to be home during the remodel. In fact, they moved out of the home so time really became a factor.
  • This is the only bathroom in the house so it needed to serve many uses.
  • Although small in size, it needed to feel spacious and have plenty of storage.

The client chose the trendy, cool tones of the grey family. Our selections coordinator helped match multiple shades and materials to give a hip, modern and fresh look. The cabinets have an earthy, matte grey color called, Shale, with brushed nickel knobs. The speckled grey and white varying shades on the granite countertop is named Caledonia. It is as regal as it sounds. The large, 12” x 24” porcelain tile from the Magifica family in grey makes a big statement in this small space. Deep drawers and an extra cabinet gave that extra room the customer desired. We finished the bath area with two corner caddies and a niche. The tile was extended up the wall 36′, creating durable and easy-to-clean walls.

J&J Construction Showroom Aurora

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After listening to feedback from clients during the selection process, we began installing and updating our 1200 sq.ft. showroom upstairs at our office.

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We are so excited to be able to really showcase what J&J Construction is all about and make selecting your perfect bathroom a STRESS-FREE experience!

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